How to perform the perfect push up!

Written by Dean Wrigley

PublishedMay 18, 2022

The push-up is a whole-body functional movement. The push-up is very good for increasing strength and has the added benefit of engaging the core and lower body.  Although push-ups can be beneficial to help with improving physique and muscle endurance, many of us who have been exercising for years, still cannot do a perfect push-up. Being a bodyweight exercise, the push-up can be done anywhere with a lot of variation to keep it exciting.

Tips for the perfect push-up

  1. Chest out: You will need to stabilise your shoulder blades to help them do their job during the push-ups.
  2. Scapula retraction and protraction: (a.k.a shoulder blades): When you go into the bottom portion of the push-up, your scapulae should retract or “come together” and when you press yourself up, your scapulae should protract, or “come apart”.
  3. Keep the back in a neutral position: This is one of the most common mistakes. We all think our backs are nice and flat. In order to stay neutral, brace your core like you are preparing to be struck in the stomach throughout the entire movement.
  4. Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, at the centre of the chest (not above the shoulders). This will ease the pressure away from the shoulders and put more emphasis on your chest.
  5. Keep your elbows at 45 degrees and go through full range of motion. Broadening your elbows out to 90 degrees is hard on the shoulders and should be avoided.
  6. The secret is to start the push-up with a small push and bend in the elbow and build from there. An alternative is also to start with your knees on the floor and progress into the full upright position.

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